A quick note on heart friendly hospital food

imageThis piece was inspired by my good friend and birthday brother , Mehi, who made these observations a while ago after his angiogram. Given that heart health is the primary focus, it seems a little churlish that after an angiogram, patients are offered a sandwich lunch , as far as I can make out this is always served with crisps and often the filling is based on mayonnaise, and served on white bread…

Ok – it’s a lunch after a procedure, and perhaps folk might need to seek comfort in food, but what about if ( as has happened to me) you are admitted to the cardio ward…

I’ve been on a couple of these now,  and a similar tale is unfolding. Tonight’s dinner presented a choice between sausages, a cheese pasty and chilli con carne. Yesterday it was between quorn (good) in sweet/sour sauce (bad) or beef with suet dumplings… Of course a white bread sandwich option was also available with the inevitable crisps and a nod towards a salad. Ice cream deserts were always an option, but to be fair so were fat free yoghurts, can you guess what was the popular choice…. With double helpings for the recently myocardialy infarced…and don’t get me started on the ‘large portion’ option

I am not one to preach, but considering the circumstances, you would have thought this was a ‘teachable moment’ – perhaps we should engage Jamie Oliver to spearhead a me campaign, or maybe not.



Been here in the Ben Weir ward a few days, and the food is decidedly better than the other place – always a vegetarian option and on the whole healthier – having said that I’ve just had fish and chips, followed by cheese and biscuits – can’t do my 10000 steps a day on here so better watch the waistline – I’ve dropped a kilo in a week, so BMI almost the right side of 25. And the very nice gentleman in the bay next door has given me a jar of marmite  – I am now the envy of my peers, at least the ones who don’t hate it… With all those heart friendly b vitamins you would of thought it to be a permanent fixity on the menu




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