Social networking for academics

As part of the 23 things programme we are now tasked to blog about our experiences of the academic network / promotional site – and ResearchGate… Having used both portals I can confidently state that my preference lies with the latter. Reasons are as follows:

  1. Its super easy to use, to edit, link to URLs , upload files and see who has been interacting with my research
  2. The ability to track papers and topics
  3. The potential to develop collaborations

With regard to point 3, a casual exchange of messages has led to the development of a collaborative partnership between UoS, KCL and a US based venture capitalist.

Conversely, insist that I am the author of several papers that I have nothing to do with, and I cannot work out how to dissociate myself from them.

For me there is no contest.

What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Social networking for academics

  1. How brilliant that you have an example of a collaboration coming from one of these sites. It would be great if we could use it as a ‘see it does happen in the real world’ example.


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